REAL Food Program


REAL Food Program

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  • 7 days a week
  • Economical – $11.50/per day (includes 3 meals)
  • Selection – 2 Daily Options on a rotating 2 week menu provide variety.
  • Ingredients – produced on the farm to deliver fresh, traditional foods that seniors want. REAL Food made from scratch.
  • Balanced Diet – Menu planning and nutrition certification
  • Taste – Traditional flavours enhanced naturally to meet the desires of our client’s palate.

The daily meal program works with our parent business Badlands Eldercare.  It began in response to many of our service requests for HCA Services we have designed the REAL Food Program to meet the 4 primary needs of our clients in a financially feasible manner.

Client information form (must be submitted with every order)

Grocery Shopping

Transportation and mobility can be a challenge, lugging groceries is taxing on the body.  Inclement weather can often prohibit a trip to the store.  Appropriate exercise programs are a better solution for many seniors.  In addition the cost of food is increased or unavailable for small quantity purchases limiting variety and financial means to make healthy purchases.

Meal Preparation

Cooking for one or even a couple can be a challenge for everyone regardless of age.  Maintaining a well balance diet is a serious challenge for our seniors.

Light Housekeeping

Washing of dishes is a major component of daily housekeeping. Unwashed dishes is  a source of odour, insects and rodents moving into a home creating an additional health risk.  Meal delivery eliminates food prep dishes such as baking dishes, pots and pans in addition to the food service dishes.  Meals are provided in re-usable containers which are returned to their storage bag and exchanged the next day for sterilization.

Daily Welfare Checks

Our independent seniors manage quite well on their own, however there is an increased risk of injury and illness.  Daily meal delivery provides an opportunity to check on the status of our clients.  Our response processes are pre-determined by our client to deal with issues in an efficient and timely manner.

Our menu is designed specifically for seniors by a chef, a nutritionist and a farmer to go beyond providing for nutritional requirements.  Our Menu includes ingredients and preparation methods of an era gone by.

How it works

  • Daily delivery 5 days a week (Saturday and Sunday meals are delivered on Friday)
  • Order cut off is Thursday for the following week
  • Meals are pre-ordered for the following Monday – Sunday
  • There is no minimum order, you can order for only the days you would like delivery.
  • There is no qualifying process. If you want meal delivery you will receive it.
  • Choose your portion size, the seniors meals are designed to meet the nutritional needs of a senior. Larger portions are available for those with larger appetites.
  • Accommodation will be made to the best of our ability to meet personal diet restrictions.
  • To start delivery can be expected between 3pm and 5pm. Please let us know if you like to eat early or late.  As the program grows we hope to offer more options for delivery.
  • When you receive your delivery it will include your hot dinner and breakfast and lunch to be placed in the fridge for tomorrow.
  • Your meals will be delivered in reusable containers. When you empty a container return it to the “dirty” bag.  We will exchange it the following day and take them to be sanitized.
  • You will receive your order form for the following week on Tuesday, make your selection and place it in the envelope provided along with your payment. This will be picked up with your Thursday container return.
  • Let us know what you like or don’t like about the program.


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